Table Tennis

Table tennis, also known as ping-pong, has come a long way from being just a leisurely, pass-time alternative to lawn tennis back in the days, to being one of the most competitive sports recognised worldwide at present, including the Maldives.

As much fun as it is, playing table tennis is also proven to have numerous health benefits. Being highly dynamic, it is an excellent mental and cardiovascular exercise, which helps boost body reflexes, concentration and mind-body coordination, all the while toning up all core muscles of the upper and lower body simultaneously.

What is more, guests of all ages and experience levels can enjoy this activity as it is fun, engaging and entertaining with a very low risk of injury. Based on its friendly, yet competitive nature it is also a fantastic excuse for social bonding or just spending quality time with your loved ones.

Grab your partner and challenge another couple to a friendly match of table tennis at our air-conditioned Games Room, located near reception. On the off-chance you lose, there is always an opportunity for a do-over at another competitive game available, including billiards, foosball, and darts.


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