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Upcoming developments of Veligandu Island

April 2024
Have an exclusive preview of the new Veligandu.

Dear Guests & Partners,

As many of you are aware, the Veligandu journey began with its opening in 1984. Since then, guests have been enchanted by the humble and tailored service from the team. The resort continued to flourish with success winning many hospitality awards and establishing itself in the industry as a top romantic hotel in the Maldives and around the globe. We are thrilled to share our owners continue their commitment to care for Veligandu Island Resort & Spa and its guests by announcing a thoughtful renovation of the island, services, and accommodations. Improvements will incorporate enhanced sustainability initiatives and technological advancements while holding true to the values of genuine Maldivian hospitality found at Veligandu.

This refresh begain on June 1, 2023, and we will be ready to welcome guests back to our shores for the festive season of 2024/ 2025. Taking reservations for stays from November 23, 2024, we look forward to welcoming our repeater guests, friends new and old, to experience the enhancements. If you have enquiries about the resort closure and reopening, do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards
Fathuhulla Ibrahim, General Manager and the Veligandu Team ♡

We will keep you posted about the development and reopening.
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The Development Progression

June 2024

April 2024

March 2024
The resort rebranded from Veligandu Island Resort & Spa to Veligandu Maldives Resort Island in March 2024, and a captivating new logo reflecting the island’s beauty was unveiled. Continue reading »

December 2023

November 23, 2024

September 19, 2023

Tell me more – FAQs

What type of changes will happen in Veligandu?
With the rising water levels due to global warming and to make the villas more sustainable, Veligandu will renovate the present Water Villas and rebuild them to withstand time. The resort will not lose its charm – but designed and elevated to enhance the guest experience. The public areas, restaurants and bars, and recreational facilities will be redesigned. For our team, Veligandu will have new team accommodations with new and greater staff facilities.

What will happen to the Veligandu team members?
We will retain as much as team members as possible.
Some team members will remain on the island to support the renovation project. Other team members will be offered cross-training and placements at Veligandu’s sister resorts managed by Crown & Champa Resorts collection, the management company of Veligandu Island.
Using the time, some of the team will take time off to pursue higher education overseas.

When can I rebook Veligandu in 2024? Will Veligandu reopen for the festive 2024 season?
Veligandu plans to reopen on Friday, November 23, 2024.
We will be in open for the festive season on 2024 and new year celebrations of 2025.
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Can we postpone the existing booking? When can we rebook?
Veligandu will commence taking booking requests at the beginning of 2024. Book your stays via the Veligandu website by contacting our reservations team,  internet-based booking channels and through your favourite travel agent and partners from early 2024.

Veligandu and Sustainable Tourism

At Veligandu, sustainability is closer to our hearts.

Rising up to the challenge
We are rising up the water villas to rise up to meet the environmental challenges of global warming!
The team will continue to use native flora as ground cover and gardening to improve the quality of the soil. More coconut trees will be replanted to protect the beaches.
The island will be working closely with EPA, the Maldives Environmental Protection Agency.

Celebrating people
Veligandu will employ builders from the local community.
Employee training initiatives – Our team members will go into cross-training and cross-exposure sessions at Veligandu’s sister properties. Some would pursue professional and trade certifications.

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A Glimpse Of The Past

Since its humble opening in 1984, Veligandu has undergone many renovations and updates.

We have created a collection of old photographs for you to connect with our past. Thanks to these fascinating images, we now have a window into some of the most interesting moments of Veligandu’s history. These moments we cherish in our hearts. These moments are our life.

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