The Latest News From Veligandu Island Resort & Spa

Dear Friends,

Tropical greetings from your favourite island in the Maldives!

It has been an exciting month for us as we have received several awards. Recently, Veligandu Island Resort & Spa qualified for the TripAdvisor 2019 Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame. The Certificate of Excellence is awarded to hospitality businesses that consistently deliver exceptional service. Receiving the honour for the last five consecutive years placed us in the Hall of Fame.

Additionally, Thomas Cook also recognised us as one of the Best Hotels 2018 in Arabia, Asia and the Indian Ocean for our high commitment to quality. I want to express my gratitude to all our guests who take time to share their story of the wonderful holiday experienced in Veligandu with the rest of the travelling world. And of course, thank you to our team who is doing an outstanding job making every stay unforgettable, every experience warm and personal.

We work hard to deliver fantastic experiences and, to stay motivated and positive, take time from our busy schedule to have some fun. During the holy month of Ramadan, we celebrated this memorable time and prepared fun activities, live auctions and games. The winners got some exciting prizes during the awarding ceremony.

If you are looking for a perfect island to stay in the Maldives or looking to return to paradise, I invite you to check out our Early Bird Offer for November and December.

Please do stay in touch with us through our social media channels, visit our website or your favourite travel agent.

See you soon in our little paradise!

With gratitude,

Fathuhulla Ibrahim

General Manager

Indulge In Romantic Dinners With A View

The shores of Veligandu Island Resort & Spa come alive with love and romance in June. As is tradition, we have prepared exquisite dining affairs for you to enjoy against the picturesque backdrop of the azure sea. Dig in.

Join us on June 3, 13 and 27, for the Madivaru Sunset Seafood Dinner. Served on the beach outside Madivaru Restaurant, this dining experience blends views of the stunning sunset with artfully prepared meals to make for a delightful evening. On the menu is tuna nigiri on seaweed salad, freshly caught red snapper, lagoon prawns, and much more. Feast on the culinary delights as you watch the sunset over the Indian Ocean.

On June 8 and 22, we would be honoured to host you for our Bubbles and Lobster Dinner. Relax and enjoy the panoramic views of the sea as you sip on Italian Prosecco. The menu takes you on a culinary journey of rich and divine flavours serving perfectly grilled prawns with arugula salad, black caviar, Maldivian lobster, asparagus pilaf rice, garlic butter & campaign cream and so much more.

Finally, on June 17 will be our Romantic Full Moon Dinner. Sit under the starry sky and glimmering moon, watching as the moon casts its reflection on the sea. Celebrate your love by dining in the most romantic setting. Flavourful meals will leave you sated yet clamouring for more.

To reserve any of these dinners, kindly email

Bon Appétit!

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Veligandu Island Resort & Spa Is A TripAdvisor 2019 Certificate of Excellence Award Recipient

We are honoured to share that TripAdvisor has awarded the 2019 Certificate of Excellence to Veligandu Island Resort & Spa. This award is conferred to hospitality businesses that consistently deliver great service and get excellent reviews over time. According to TripAdvisor, only 10% of total businesses receive this award, making it a great accomplishment.

Additionally, Veligandu entered the Certificate of Excellence Hall Of Fame, after receiving the Certificate of Excellence award for five consecutive years. These accomplishments would not have been possible without you. We appreciate you for sharing feedback after your stay with us on review platforms. It’s those reviews that let other travellers know just how wonderful Veligandu is and encourages them to experience our enchanting island for themselves.

Earlier in the year, Veligandu was listed in the TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice Awards, the highest recognition from the platform. In the lists that rank the best hospitality businesses based on guest feedback, Veligandu was named the best hotel in the Maldives for romance. We thank you once again for continuously supporting us by sharing reviews. We will continue to provide exceptional hospitality in tropical paradise.

View more awards here.

If you are planning a visit to our highly rated resort, take advantage of our special offer here.


A Unique Spa Experience For The Two Of You

In Veligandu Island Resort & Spa, we pride ourselves in affording you with ample space and opportunities to connect deeper with each other. Our enchanting island, with its pristine beach, azure lagoon and lush nature, certainly provides the perfect setting for romance to bloom. Our award-winning Duniye Spa is no exception.

Founded on a philosophy of nurturing the body, calming the mind and inspiring the soul, Duniye Spa has a holistic approach to well-being. They have put together treatments that honour our human need for relaxation, beauty, balance and connection. One such treatment that is under their ‘Romantic Escapes For Two’ packages is the ‘Full Moon Magic’.

The Full Moon Magic treatment comes highly recommended by other guests. With this treatment, you enter a world where only tranquillity exists, allowing you to release all your tension and sink into relaxation. The treatment package comes with a full body massage of your choice, freshly prepared body polish, an indulgent Indian head and foot massage, a tropical bath infusion, a mini facial, a fruit platter, champagne and a gift to take home.

The enchanting treatment is 135 minutes long and only US$ 439.04 per couple (inclusive of tax).

A couples massage is a great way to experience something new while spending time together. Are you interested in the ‘Full Moon Magic’ treatment or other Duniye Spa treatments? Read their spa menu.

As you plan your romantic getaway or honeymoon, take advantage of our special offer.

3 Water Sports To Try In Veligandu

With crystal clear shallow waters, endless stretches of sea and a cooling breeze, Veligandu Island Resort & Spa has excellent conditions for fun on the water. If you are looking for experiences that are more action-filled than the last ones we shared, you will want to read on. Take on the Indian Ocean and chase the adrenalin with these three water sports.

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Also known as stand up paddling or ‘SUP’, this sport allows surfers to stand atop their boards and use a paddle to propel themselves across the ocean. Stand up paddle boarding makes for a leisurely workout as you enjoy the seascape. The crystal clear waters in Veligandu ensure that you get to view the marine life beneath you.


Feel the wind on your skin as you surf across the sea. Windsurfing combines surfing and sailing to create an exhilarating experience at sea. Those who are not afraid to get their hair wet will enjoy gliding over the waves. Windsurfing is an incredible way to take in the sights as the tropical breeze guides you.



By yourself or with your partner, hop on a jet ski and bump off along the waves. Adrenalin filled and thrilling, jet skiing is a wonderful way to experience the lagoon differently. Nothing compares to that moment when you are speeding off across the ocean, shouting at the top of your lungs and making a splash.



Adventurers are advised to practice caution and safety while out at sea. To ensure that the tranquillity that other guests enjoy is not disturbed, motorised water-sports are conducted at a distance from the beach. Our qualified Ocean Water Sports team is ready to recommend a Water Sports option that suits both your experience level and preference. Equipment rental and lessons can be booked at the Ocean Water Sports Centre, which opens from 8 am to 6 pm daily.

Check out our special offers if you are planning your visit to Veligandu and view other things to do on our island.

Featured Image by @miketagliaferro.

Delightful Romantic Experiences In Veligandu This May

At the heart of Veligandu Island Resort & Spa, is our desire to create beautiful experiences that allow you to make extraordinary memories. Here are the beach dining affairs that you can be apart of in May.

For seafood lovers, the Madivaru Sunset Seafood Dinner on May 9, 2019, is the dinner not to miss. Served on the quiet and romantic beach, watch the sun go down as your waiter attends to you. Indulge in exquisite treats such as the yellowfin tuna nigiri tempura on seaweed salad followed by fresh lagoon prawns and finish off with a mouth-watering dessert.

On May 12, 2019, join us on the beach for our Mother’s Day Dinner. Our Executive Chef, Siegbert Horn and his team have created a sensational menu that will ensure you wrap up this special day in the most spectacular way. The incredible menu and the awe-inspiring setting by the sea will guarantee that you have a Mother’s Day to remember.

The Romantic Full Moon Dinner on May 18, 2019, and May 24, 2019, appeals to your romantic nature. The enchanting atmosphere under the moonlight, by the sea, as a cooling breeze blows sets the scene to enjoy dinner in the company of your loved one. Lose yourself in the wonder of the night and each other while you enjoy tantalising delicacies.

With the Bubbles & Lobster Dinner on May 31, 2019, Chef Sigi puts together a fantastic menu around the Maldivian lobster. Toast to the beautiful island life with a glass of Prosecco as you relish the delectable feast. Dig into the char-grilled prawns served with arugula salad, followed by grilled or steamed lobster served with asparagus pilaf rice, to mention but a few.

Finally, throughout the month, escape to a private location on the beach for the Signature Private BBQ Dinner. Secluded and idyllic, this highly requested dinner allows you to have the beach to yourself as you enjoy prime cuts or fresh seafood, expertly barbecued for you by your private chef.

To reserve any of these dinners, kindly email

Bon Appétit!

As you plan a visit to Veligandu, we have special offers  that you can take advantage of.

Message From The General Manager- May

Dear Friends,

Tropical greetings from your favourite island in the Maldives!

Winter season 2018/2019 is now over. Looking back at the busiest time of the year, I can proudly say it was a successful season, and we embraced every moment of it. We have welcomed quite several repeat guests during that time. More than 250 return guests visited us –an exciting number! If you have been our guest previously, we look forward to welcoming you back to Veligandu again. We take great pleasure in seeing our guests back and having the opportunity to extend the warmth of Maldivian hospitality. If you have not stayed with us, and are considering us as your holiday destination in the Maldives, we hope you will make us your home away from home and have the vacation of a lifetime with us.

We continue to work towards delivering exceptional moments and experiences for our guests. Whether you are looking for a relaxing time or fun activities, we can help you plan your personalised Veligandu vacation. Three popular activities during this season include the Private Manta & Turtle Snorkelling Trip, the Whale Shark Excursion and the Sunset Fishing with Dinner Excursion. These activities allow you to experience the wonderful sea uniquely. With our activities, you will have a story to tell to your family and friends when you get back home.

We have a variety of terrific special offers that you will want to take advantage of. I invite you to explore our Winter Early Bird Offer for November and December currently available.

Please do stay in touch with us through our social media channels, visit our website or your favourite travel agent.

See you soon in paradise!

With gratitude,

Fathuhulla Ibrahim

General Manager

Couples Bucket List For The Maldives

They say it is not where you travel to, but who you go with. While we agree that the right person by your side makes all the difference, we also work to make Veligandu Island Resort & Spa the perfect destination. Whether you are celebrating your honeymoon, anniversary or taking a much-needed romantic getaway, our lush, tropical paradise, with its pristine beach and warm hospitality, is an idyllic place to get lost in. Here are a few of our best things to do together that are guaranteed to sweep you off your feet, as you fall head over heels with each other.

Go on a cruise

For the grandest adventure of them all, re-affirm your commitment to one another by renewing your vows in an elaborate ceremony that can be traditional or customised. Remind one another why you fell in love with each other on the stunning beach, with the most beautiful scenery around you. As you plan your trip to Veligandu, take advantage of our special offers. Start your romantic adventure by booking now.

Watch as the sun dips into the ocean, painting the sky stunning shades of orange and hopefully spot dolphins on our Sunset ‘Punch’ Lucky Dolphin Cruise.

For a more private experience, try out our aptly titled Romantic Love Boat Sailing. The captain will steer you around Veligandu, allowing you to take in the picturesque views of our charming island against the backdrop of the sunset.

Dine on the beach

Picture yourself seated on the powder soft beach, with the waves crashing softly near you, and a gentle breeze blowing on your skin, savouring a delicious meal that has been prepared just for you. Beach dining in Veligandu combines a stunning setting and indulgent delights to create perfect experiences.


Get a couple’s massage

A vacation is not complete without getting one or more treatments from the award-winning Duniye Spa. Enter a world of tranquillity and sink into bliss at the hands of our qualified therapists. Enjoy a calming and restoring Balinese massage, enveloped in the aromas of essential oils.


Go stargazing


Float gently on the sea under the expansive Maldivian sky and enjoy the glittering stars on the Romantic Stargazing Cruise, just you, the sea and the sky. Peaceful and relaxing, this cruise offers jaw-dropping views like no other.


Snorkel at sunrise

Rise at morning light to roam around our lagoon and discover the secrets that lie beneath the crystal clear waters. Our Private Sunrise Snorkelling Trip offers a serene yet exhilarating adventure where the two of you can explore the beauty of the underwater world.


Renew your vows

For the grandest adventure of them all, re-affirm your commitment to one another by renewing your vows in an elaborate ceremony that can be traditional or customised. Remind one another why you fell in love with each other on the stunning beach, with the most beautiful scenery around you.

As you plan your trip to Veligandu, take advantage of our special offers.

Start your romantic adventure by booking now.



April Updates & News From Veligandu Island Resort & Spa

Dear Friends,

Warm greetings and Happy Easter from your favourite island in the Maldives!

As you may know, in Veligandu, we are committed to protecting the environment. We do this through the continuous improvement of our daily processes and services. Promoting environmental awareness is at the core of all our projects. On March 30, 2019, we joined the world in observing Earth Hour. Our guests and team joined together to switch off lights for an hour to support environmental action.

The highlights of our Earth Hour Program included ‘A promise for tomorrow’ where we encouraged guests to write their promises on how they plan to help save the environment, reduce energy consumption and plastic footprint. We hosted Earth Hour dinner by the sea, under the stars, with candlelit tables at Dhonveli Restaurant. We also switched off air conditioning and lights in all guest and staff rooms as well as lights in all restaurants and bars. Please check out our social media channels for more details and photos from this event. I wish to thank everyone who supported us through participation and helped to increase awareness of the importance of looking after our beautiful planet.

In an effort to continuously ensure exceptional holidays for our guests, we have created wonderful experiences that allow you to immerse yourself in the leisurely excitement that Veligandu offers. The Romantic Robinson Crusoe Sand Bank excursion enables you to indulge your senses by sleeping under the stars in a private island. On the Private Manta and Turtle Snorkelling Trip, you can hopefully see these stunning creatures and swim with them. For fishing enthusiasts, you can fish and eat like a local with our Sunset Fishing excursion. And if you are looking for something a little different, kindly view all our excursions here.

Finally, I am proud to share that we have a new website,, that we hope will make connecting with us easier. We considered your feedback and added more information, new updates including an easier to use booking engine. Have a look, to bring the holiday atmosphere and warm memories in your home or office. Our webcam is now live and you can view what’s happening in your favourite island.

Please do stay in touch with us through our social media channels, visit our website, check the latest news from our blog and take advantage of our exclusive special offers.

May this year’s Easter bring your hope and joy!

We hope to see you in paradise soon!

With gratitude,

Fathuhulla Ibrahim

General Manager

Easter In Veligandu Island Resort & Spa

On Sunday, April 21, 2019, join us on Madivaru Restaurant Beach for a delightful Easter Dinner. Our Executive Chef, Siegbert Horn has carefully curated a menu that will please you and your loved one. The mouthwatering menu, combined with the idyllic setting by the beach guarantee an unforgettable evening.

Download the full menu here.

Cost: USD 239.00 Per Couple. (Price is inclusive of 12% GST & Service Charge)

To reserve, kindly contact Guest Services.

View our other special and romantic beach dining experiences for April here.



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