2019 – Veligandu Island

Meet Kiddy, Senior Receptionist

Hussain Rasheed fondly referred to as Kiddy, is a Senior Receptionist. We spent a day with Kiddy, getting to know more about him.


What do you like most about your job?

As a Senior Receptionist, I enjoy serving guests and assisting them with all their concerns so that their holiday meets and surpasses their expectations.


What are your hobbies?

In my free time, I enjoy playing football, which keeps me active. I also love photography and social media. One of my favourite things to do is sharing my photos on Instagram.

What do you like most about the resort?

My favourite things about Veligandu are the team and the friendly working environment. There is a wonderful spirit of teamwork here.


What does it take to be a good receptionist?

I believe that to be a good receptionist, you have to interact with guests well. You also have to have an excellent working knowledge of the resort so you can represent the resort well and assist guests.


Experience More Value With Our Upcoming Improvements!

Dear Guests,

Sunny greetings from your favourite island in the Maldives.

I hope this newsletter finds you healthy and well wherever you are.

September was quite eventful, with lots of hard work, colourful activities and exciting events.

To mark World’s Tourism Day on September 27, we invited local students from Rasdhoo Island School to honour us with a day visit. The primary purpose of the visit was to allow the students a glimpse into resort operations and provide insights that would help them as they consider their career paths. We also celebrated World Cleanup Day on September 21 and organised clean up events on three islands Veligandu, Madivaru (picnic island) and Kudarah (the small island next to Veligandu). These events are an excellent way to create immediate change and inspire others to take care of our earth and sea.

We have exciting things set to launch in the coming days. At the end of October, we are introducing the all-new a la carte menu for lunch and dinner at Madivaru Restaurant. We believe that excellent dining is essential in hospitality. Therefore, we don’t only look for high-quality ingredients and innovative ideas, but also expert techniques and appealing presentation to ensure our guests always have memorable experiences. Come and try our new dishes. They’ll surprise you!

From November 1, 2019, our All Inclusive Package will now include one a la carte lunch or dinner every 5th night of stay. This option has been created for our guests to indulge in culinary experience with great value. All there is left to do is to enjoy your meals, relax and create unforgettable memories.

If you are planning your holiday in the Maldives, we have an amazing special offer for Summer 2020. You may find more details on our website or at your favourite travel agency.


Hope to see you soon in our paradise!

With gratitude on behalf of Veligandu Team,

Fathuhulla Ibrahim

General Manager

This Cooking Class Is A Romantic Experience For You In Veligandu

Try something new in the most beautiful place on earth. Veligandu Island Resort & Spa has been voted as the most romantic resort in the Maldives with good reason. Our breathtakingly beautiful island and variety of unique, romantic experiences make Veligandu an idyllic destination for a couple’s getaway, honeymoon or anniversary.

Make timeless memories as you connect and stir up some romance with our cooking class. Don your aprons and learn from our expert Chef, who will introduce you to the richness of Maldivian cuisine. Under our Chef’s guidance, you will learn all about the ingredients and techniques used to prepare Maldivian favourites. Preparing the meals by yourselves will help equip you to recreate the dishes once you are back home.

Nothing beats learning together in a stunning setting, creating mouth-watering delicacies garnished with love. The cooking class is US $69 per couple. Once on the island, you can reserve the class by contacting Guest Services.

Are you planning your holiday in the Maldives? Browse through our blog for more ideas to add some romance to your holiday. Have a look at our special offer for great discounts!

Celebrate Your Anniversary In Veligandu Island Resort & Spa

In Veligandu Island Resort & Spa, we believe that the honeymoon never ends. Love is meant to be celebrated every day. To this end, we have created a variety of experiences to help you honour and revel in every moment spent together. On our island, with its pristine beach, lush nature and azure lagoon, you will find a hideaway custom-made for romance. Whether you are celebrating your first, tenth or fortieth marriage anniversary, in Veligandu, you will be reminded what love is all about.

Indulge in our selection of romantic experiences, which you can customise based on your length of stay. Whether you are staying with us for a few days or weeks, there is plenty to do in a tranquil and relaxed environment. Start the day with private sunrise snorkelling or stay in and order a Champagne Room Breakfast. Escape to a private island for a photoshoot session with Raalhu Photo then enjoy a pampering couple’s treatment at our award-winning Duniye Spa. Later on, experience the wonder of dining on the beach under the stars.

Whichever way you choose to celebrate your time with us, a must-try experience is our Vow Renewal Ceremony. Re-affirm your love in a traditional ceremony against the backdrop of the sea as you commit to spending a lifetime of romance and adventure together.

Take advantage of our 20% special offer for your 2020 anniversary in the Maldives.

Meet The Veligandu Team: Hassan, Restaurant Supervisor

Hassan Moosa Fulhu is a Restaurant Supervisor who has been with Veligandu for five years. We met the jovial Hassan at his workstation, Dhonveli Restaurant, and had a quick chat about his job and interests.

What do you like most about your job?

I like that every day is different. Every day is an opportunity to learn something, meet new faces and have new experiences.

What are your hobbies?

In my free time, I love to watch and play football!

What do you like most about the resort? 

I think that Veligandu is the best resort for career development.

Which is your favourite restaurant/bar in Veligandu?

My favourite restaurant is Dhonveli Restaurant, of course! This is where I spend most of the time working and having good laughs with our guests and my teammates.

What does it take to be a good waiter? 

To be a good waiter, your eyes should be able to see 360 degrees, so you can always tell if a guest needs something. You should also have a pinch of knowledge and a splash of positive attitude.

Love At First Bite In Veligandu

On the island where sparks fly, every moment is a celebration of the best gift in the world: love. To elevate your holiday experience, our culinary team has put together as per monthly tradition, beach dining events that are sure to please. A serving of romance in the dreamiest setting, these occasions are the best way to make a special day more memorable and create timeless memories in paradise.

Our Bubbles and Lobster Dinner on September 19 and 29, pairs Italian Prosecco with an unlikely but delicious counterpart, the Maldivian lobster. The menu takes you on an exciting journey as you sample divine flavours, expertly prepared. Enjoy the delectable treats as you bury your feet in the sand, revelling in the cooling sea breeze and enjoying the sight of the beautiful sea.

Aptly titled, the Romantic Full Moon Dinner on September 14 is a delight for the senses. Relish mouth-watering treats under the starry sky, while the moon casts its reflection on the ocean. Make beautiful memories as you enjoy a pleasant night with your loved in tropical paradise.

Finally, on September 24, join us for our Madivaru Sunset Seafood Dinner. Watch the sunset paint the ocean in glorious colours, as you indulge in tasty seafood favourites including but not limited to, tuna nigiri, freshly caught red snapper, lagoon prawns and much more.

To reserve any of these dinners, kindly email reservations@veligandu.com.

Bon Appétit!

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Dear Friends,

Welcome to the September message from your favourite island in the Maldives!

In this edition, I would like to share with you some news regarding our guest room upgrade project. As you may know, we decided to completely change the furnishing and install new lighting to enhance the look and feel of our guest rooms. Our team is tirelessly working on this project. We want to ensure we meet the festive season in style and continue offering our guests top experiences and amenities. All works should be completed by October 2019.

At the heart of Veligandu is a strong team that is highly motivated to deliver exceptional service. It is important to us that we work and play together! Team-building activities are vital for everyone to stay happy and productive. Recently, our Training and Development Department arranged an exciting team-building event that helped our teammates develop skills in collaboration, lateral thinking and of course, team bonding. This month, we also have an upcoming volleyball tournament that is a fun way to enhance energy levels, boost mood and increase the drive to succeed!

If you have not yet booked your holiday with us, we have amazing early bird deals for you to save big! Each of our offers has been carefully created to make your Veligandu getaway much more memorable and unique. You may find more details by visiting our website or talking to your favourite travel agency.

Stay in touch with us through our social media channels.

See you soon in our little paradise!

With gratitude,

Fathuhulla Ibrahim

The Perfect Honeymoon Destination

The honeymoon is a special time in every married couple’s life. It is an opportunity to relax after the hectic task of planning the wedding, and to begin the first days of married life together in bliss. Veligandu Island Resort & Spa offers an idyllic location to celebrate your love. Voted as the number one resort for romance in the Maldives, Veligandu provides everything you require to have the honeymoon of your dreams.

With one of the most beautiful beaches of stunning white sand, majestic palm trees, inviting turquoise waters and balmy temperatures, Veligandu is a beautiful, tropical paradise. The island is small and intimate, offering a tranquil and natural setting for sparks to fly. The beauty of nature comes alive on land and at sea, creating the perfect hideaway for you to celebrate your love. You will feel like you are on your little island, with just each other and the wondrous nature for company.

To help you enjoy the best of relaxed island life, Veligandu’s offerings are tailored to create a casual and laid-back atmosphere, while still providing exceptional quality. From the lavish accommodation, exquisite cuisine to the friendly staff, every facet of Veligandu has been carefully selected to elevate your honeymoon. Additionally, to honour your honeymoon, Veligandu offers a fruit plate, a decorated bed and a bottle of sparkling wine as gifts.

Romantic options abound in Veligandu. Your choices vary from an indulgent champagne breakfast, out of this world dinners by the sea, to adventurous trips and symbolic wedding ceremonies.

With a sublime location and endless opportunities for romance, it is guaranteed that you shall make wonderful memories in Veligandu, and have a honeymoon to remember. As you plan your honeymoon, have a look at our current special offers here.

Renew Your Vows In Paradise

An exciting way to celebrate your anniversary while at Veligandu Island Resort & Spa is by renewing your vows. On the beach, with the glorious palm trees swaying and the stunning Indian Ocean as your backdrop, you can celebrate your love through a symbolic vow renewal ceremony. The memories from this beautiful occasion will last you a lifetime.

The vow renewal ceremony can be customised to bring your dreams into reality. We also offer the option of a traditional Maldivian ceremony, officiated by the island ‘headman’. In this case, the Veligandu bridal party, dressed in traditional Maldivian dress, will escort you to the wedding pavilion on the beach, as they sing wedding songs and beat Bodu Beru drums. The wedding pavilion is decorated with palm fronds and local hibiscus flowers, adding to the beauty of the location. The headman guides you through the heartfelt and intimate ceremony, reading a passage from the Book of Good Wishes.

The vow renewal ceremony costs US $540 per couple. There are a variety of options that you can add on to sprinkle a special touch to your celebration. These include professional photography by Raalhu Photo, a bottle of Champagne for a toast, a cake, and much more.

Read more about the ceremony here and browse through our current special offers here.

Couples Bucket List, Continued

On the island custom-made for romance, there are numerous experiences to try with your loved one. In Veligandu Island Resort & Spa, you can embark on romantic adventures that allow you to connect deeply as you make timeless memories. We previously shared some activities to try and below, we list more ideas on how you can spend your time in Veligandu.

Have a Photoshoot

Picture yourselves holding hands on a beautiful sandbank, with the sea surrounding you and the waves lapping around you. Our in-house photography studio, Raalhu Photo, can make that happen. With their drone shoot package, a speedboat will transport you to the nearby Madivaru Finolhu Island, where the photographer will capture beautiful moments in the most stunning setting. The package, which costs US $370 per couple, includes the speedboat transfer, free use of an inflatable donut, 1-minute drone video, ten drone images and twenty camera images. The trip lasts for two hours but leaves you with memories you will treasure for a lifetime.

Take a Cooking Class

For a different kind of culinary adventure, don your aprons and be the chefs with our Cooking Class. Our expert team will teach you the basic techniques and secrets to perfecting Maldivian cuisine. You will learn how to make mouth-watering dishes that will impress everyone back home. What better way to celebrate your holiday than by picking up a new skill! Our cooking class costs US $69 per couple but is only US $55 for guests who have booked our All Inclusive Plus Package.

Sleep Under The Stars In A Private Island

For a once-in-a-lifetime experience, head on over to a private island, and sleep under the stars, just you, your loved one and nature. With this trip, we drop you off after dinner to a private island where you can sleep alone in the most beautiful setting. The stars in the glittering sky will shine down, as the waves kiss the sand, serenading you with an island song. This is likely to be the most romantic evening of your holiday and an experience you will never forget. The cost for this memorable adventure is US $299 without Champagne and US $429 with Champagne.

There are many more romantic escapades to be had in Veligandu. To view our full list of excursions, click here. Have a look at our current special offers here.



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