May 2020 – Veligandu Island

Veligandu Oriental Drink

A favourite of many, Veligandu Oriental Drink is a drink of choice among wellness enthusiasts. Here is a DIY recipe to try it out.

30 ml of Orange Juice, 30 ml Carrot Juice or Fresh carrot squeezed, 20 ml of coconut water, 5 ml of ginger syrup

Mix all ingredients and shake with ice cubes , served in a cocktail glass.

Health Benefits:
Boost immunity, refreshing, detoxifying, prevent cancer cells to develop and restrain growth. Reduces cholesterol, controls heart diseases, cleanses the liver, relieves abdominal gas, increases metabolism, provides instant energy and controls sugar levels.

Oriental drink can be served in a coconut or a glass.

Veligandu is yet again awarded HACCP Certification

For the seventh year, Veligandu Island Resort & Spa had achieved the highly regarded accreditation in HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), principles and practice based on the World Health Organization Codex to ensure Food Safety, Hygiene and Cleanliness for the Resort. HACCP is a prevention-based recommended control system for the hygiene of food hygiene and safety with strict adherence and implementation of food safety procedures in hotels and food establishments.

As a property who complies with HACCP protocols, Veligandu offers the continuous wellbeing of the guests by;

  • Allowing guests to enjoy our services with full confidence in the quality of our food supplies and its preparation.
  • Maintaining the highest skills and knowledge of all food handlers, not only in the kitchen.
  • Practising proper and approved hygiene and cleanliness systems is adhered to within all levels of operations.
  • Providing and sourcing the highest quality in food produced which are safe for resort guests and team members.

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