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Veligandu Maldives Logo – They story

Veligandu’s logo and the brand name, which evolved with the resort’s growth since 1984, symbolize the island’s service excellence.

The resort rebranded from Veligandu Island Resort & Spa to Veligandu Maldives Resort Island in March 2024, and a captivating new logo reflecting the island’s beauty was unveiled for the November 2024 re-opening after 18 months of renovation. This refreshed identity reflects our dedication to providing unparalleled experiences while staying true to our core values of hospitality and service excellence.

The evolution of the logo

  Veligandu ‘s inaugural logo made its debuted in 1984, showcasing a meticulously hand-drawn representation of the islands’ sandbank. It symbolises the very essence of the island; the logo encapsulates the uniqueness of Veligandu, where “Veligandu” translates to sandbank in Divehi, the local Maldivian language.
  A touch of sophistication was added to Veligandu ‘s visual identity in 2018 with a chic logo design. This refined logo not only signifies the distinctive southward sandbank and the island but also represents the abundant coconut palm trees of the island’s flora.
  March 2024, unveil a redesigned logo that embodies simplicity and modern aesthetics while incorporating the cherished elements of nature the guests of Veligandu hold dear. The minimalistic logo represents the island’s natural beauty and the harmonious interaction between nature and people and conveys a profound emotional connection among visitors, the awe-inspiring natural landscape, and the warmth of the heartfelt Veligandu’s hospitality. The logo’s typography reflects elegance and luxury.

The new captivating colour palette is inspired by the Indian Ocean and marine life, the island’s greenery, and the sandbank. The logo is set in a deep blue that echoes Veligandu’s blue reef and the geological setting of the resort island emerging from the ocean while, the logo’s whiteness is reminiscent of the soft white sand of the sandbank.

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Dear Valued Guests,

As we approach the end of 2023, I want to take a moment to thank you for your unwavering support and belief in our project. We have made significant progress in the past months and are confident of accomplishing our target.

Today, we have taken all of your insightful feedback into account and put in place substantial changes to enhance your future Veligandu experience. We are introducing a myriad of requested features and services. All to make your stay with us extraordinary. The Veligandu Team is devoted to providing you with the utmost level of satisfaction and an adventure like never before.

On behalf of the entire Veligandu Team, I extend a heart full of warm season greetings and a rewarding, noteworthy, adventurous New Year 2024 to you and your family.

Looking ahead to 2024, we are thrilled to welcome you back to our newly spruced-up Secluded Island in November. We cannot wait to create unforgettable memories and make indelible tales with you.

In the meantime, let’s connect on social media and share your unforgettable moments from your visits to Veligandu Island. Tag us with #veliganduisland and #veligandumemories. We will admire your memories on our home wall and re-share the coolest shots.

With gratitude and excitement for the future,

Fathuhulla Ibrahim,
General Manager

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Visiting Veligandu?

The island will reopen on November 1, 2024. Contact for future reservations.

Meanwhile, keep up with Veligandu’s developments via our newsletterContinue to follow us on #veligandu and #veliganduisland. Find us on Social Media.


A Quarter of Transformation: Veligandu’s Exciting Progress

Dear guests,

It’s already been a quarter since we started the exciting transformation project. We have made considerable progress since then and are confident of accomplishing our target. With that in mind, I am thrilled to share key highlights of recent updates on our project’s advancement here.

All demolition work set for this project is done and dusted. We have made remarkable progress in the villas, public area buildings, and back-of-the-house buildings. I am excited to say we are making consistent progress on this project and are on track with our timeline.

Concurrently, I am honoured to state the completion of the accommodation in the Veligandu Team Village. As we speak, our devoted team is diligently assembling and fixing the furniture, ensuring that all respective buildings are ready to be occupied in no time. With their unwavering commitment, we are all set sail to welcome our team members to a comfortable and inspiring abode.

We are incredibly thankful for your steadfast loyalty and can hardly wait for your visit to the freshly spruced-up Secluded Island in November 2024.

Ready to reminisce with us? Connect with us on social media, see the latest updates, and stroll back in time reels and photos from us. Share the unforgettable moments from your visits to Veligandu Island. Make sure to tag us with #veliganduisland and #veligandumemories.

Sending lots of love and shine your way,

Fathuhulla Ibrahim,
General Manager

Latest from Veligandu

Visiting Veligandu?

The island will reopen on November 1, 2024. Contact for future reservations.

Meanwhile, keep up with Veligandu’s developments via our newsletterContinue to follow us on #veligandu and #veliganduisland. Find us on Social Media.


The Veligandu Island Is Abuzz With Activity

To all our beloved guests,

Your absence on the island is deeply felt, yet we are staying steadfast in our commitment to the renovation schedule – and I’m ecstatic about the progress!

We are excited to announce that our transformation project is well underway – we’ve already dismantled some of the public area buildings, staff accommodation and some of our guests’ rooms. Right now, the foundation work for our brand-new public area buildings and water villas is progressing rapidly, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the progress!

With a passion and dedication to fostering a more sustainable and vibrant Veligandu, our project team has been actively nurturing the gardens and planting seedlings to create beautiful and lush landscaping. To ensure that we remain sustainable on our Maldives island soil, we have carefully chosen native flora, adding an extra layer of beauty to our stunningly picturesque island. Moreover, we’ve planted more coconut trees near Dhonveli restaurant, providing a magnificently enchanting and inspiring setting for you to relish your meals, breakfast, lunch or dinner.

We are incredibly excited to continue making progress on this wonderful project and welcome you from November 01, 2024 to make the most of your stay, be inspired by the charm of our island.

Keep up with the latest news, updates and stroll down memory lane by following our social media channels. Share your irreplaceable memories and hashtag #veliganduisland #veligandumemories on your post – it’s time to embrace all that speaks to your heart!

With lots of love and blessings,
Fathuhulla Ibrahim, General Manager

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August Photoboard

This is how we plant coconut trees

Veligandu’s Journey of Transformation Begins in June

Dear Guests,

Sunny Greetings from Veligandu.

Our last guest departed on June 1, 2023, with a full parade, as you may have seen through our social media. The team is busy joining the project team, packing to be relocated to sister resorts while some will go on for cross-training.

We are excited to start the renovation and the journey of transformation.

We will continue to be in touch with you via social media, quarterly newsletters & updates on the Veligandu website until we reopen in November 2024.

With lots of love and blessings,

Fathuhulla Ibrahim, General Manager
& the Veligandu Team ♡

Visiting Veligandu?

The island will reopen on November 1, 2024. Contact for future reservations.

Meanwhile, keep up with Veligandu’s developments via our newsletterContinue to follow us on #veligandu and #veliganduisland. Find us on Social Media.

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Veligandu Island Resort & Spa Unveils a Collection of Time-honoured Photographs, Showcasing the Property’s Inspiring 37-year History

The Tale of Veligandu

Guests can connect with Veligandu’s past through a collection of old photographs that provides a window into some of the fascinating moments of the resort’s humble beginnings.

The secluded haven of Veligandu Island Resort & Spa in North Ari Atoll, a property of the Crown & Champa Resorts Collectionthe leading resort group in the Maldives, unveils ‘The Tale of Veligandu’, a compilation of time-honoured photographs which plunges readers into the charm, history, and transformation of one of the Maldives’ pioneering resorts. 

Announcing ‘The Tale of Veligandu’, Mr. Fathuhulla Ibrahim, General Manager, said, “Veligandu is one of the long-established resorts in the country, and we have created it for our guests to connect with our fascinating past. It is brimming with vivid photography and an inspiring archive of images over the years, showcasing some of the most captivating and heart-warming moments of Veligandu history. We cherish these moments in our hearts; these moments are our life.” 

The resort’s humble origins began in 1984 with the development of a small island in the Indian Ocean, which was named ‘Veligandu’ after the Dhivehi word for ‘sandbank’, starting only with 17 standard rooms made with corals, which were used as bricks during the time, and with no air conditioners, 1 small restaurant, 1 bar, 2 Dhonis, 1 jetty, and with less than 50 team members. The resort went through a series of refurbishment works, year after year, to bring in a fresh look, sustainability, and innovative technologies to keep up with the ever-changing tastes of global travellers whilst maintaining its local Maldivian charm. 

Today, Veligandu Island Resort & Spa has distinguished itself as one of the leading resorts in the country, voted amongst the top resorts for romance in Asia and the Maldives. With 91 tastefully appointed accommodations, including over-the-water and beach villas, an impressive array of entertainment, facilities, and activities, as well as the warm Maldivian hospitality the resort is renowned for, guests are guaranteed a truly authentic and memorable holiday experience in this secluded paradise.

The Tale of Veligandu

Veligandu invites guests to have a glimpse of the resort’s treasured tales and the collection of age-old photographs by visiting the history book:  ‘The Tale of Veligandu’.

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The Tale of Veligandu Island Resort & Spa Maldives

Veligandu is yet again awarded HACCP Certification

For the seventh year, Veligandu Island Resort & Spa had achieved the highly regarded accreditation in HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), principles and practice based on the World Health Organization Codex to ensure Food Safety, Hygiene and Cleanliness for the Resort. HACCP is a prevention-based recommended control system for the hygiene of food hygiene and safety with strict adherence and implementation of food safety procedures in hotels and food establishments.

As a property who complies with HACCP protocols, Veligandu offers the continuous wellbeing of the guests by;

  • Allowing guests to enjoy our services with full confidence in the quality of our food supplies and its preparation.
  • Maintaining the highest skills and knowledge of all food handlers, not only in the kitchen.
  • Practising proper and approved hygiene and cleanliness systems is adhered to within all levels of operations.
  • Providing and sourcing the highest quality in food produced which are safe for resort guests and team members.

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